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Attain Serenity Knowing Your Epping Home is Pest-Free with Local Pest Control in Epping

When it comes to dependable home pest control in Epping, rest assured that SES Pest Control Sydney is the team you can rely on. While the methods you may have tried so far might offer temporary relief from the signs of a pest infestation, can you truly be certain that these creatures have been completely eradicated? Rats, ants, and cockroaches are experts at concealing themselves, and their presence can lead to property damage and health concerns, even if you haven’t noticed them.

Allow us to safeguard you and your valuable assets from the detrimental effects caused by pests. Contact SES Pest Control Sydney, and we will promptly address the pest issues on your property, utilizing products that are safe for you, your children, and your beloved pets. Let us take the necessary action to ensure a pest-free environment, granting you peace of mind.

For people living in Epping and its surrounding areas, SES Pest Control Sydney is the best local pest control company in Epping that provides you with the most effective pest control solutions. With over twenty years of experience and serving over 5000+ happy customers, we are one of the most trusted pest control companies in Epping.

Negative impacts of pest infestation

Pests are annoying and dangerous creatures that have many harmful effects on humans, animals, property and environment. It is important to be aware of and understand the negative impacts of pest infestation so that you can take timely and educated decisions and clear your house and property from the clutches of these pestering and pesky creatures.

Some of the most important and dire consequences of having pests in the house and property are –

Pets can cause allergies

Pests are well known for carrying allergens that can increase the risks of various forms of allergic reactions. Through their droppings, excreta, dander, decaying remains, etc., pests can cause and worsen allergies and may also aggravate asthmatic conditions.

Increase various diseases

Pests can also cause various kinds of diseases. While pests like mosquitoes can lead to diseases like viral fever, malaria, dengue, etc., flies can contaminate your food and water thereby leading to other health problems like gastronomical problems, diarrhoea, dysentery, etc. Pests like rodents can cause and spread other diseases like rabies, salmonella, etc.

Bites and sting

It is important to note that many times bites and stings of pests may be more than just a nuisance. Since one can never know what germs and viruses the pests are carrying, their stings and bites can often be dangerous and can lead to greater health hazards. Bed bugs, spiders, wasps, hornets and mosquitoes are some of the most common pests that spread diseases and allergens through bites and sting.

Contaminate water

Pests can get into the water and often contaminate your water sources that increases the chances of many health diseases such as stomach problems, vomiting, dysentery or diarrhoea, etc. In case you are allergic to the contaminant in the water, you might also develop skin problems, rashes, etc.

Mental health problems

Pests may affect mental health in a variety of ways. Firstly, having pests at your home or property not only brings down your mental state and lowers your morale but also develops different kinds of phobias and psychological disorders such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, etc. Many people have been found to develop a phobia of certain pests and worry that they will reappear. Apart from this, the mental stress of spending money and time on pest removal is also a point to note.

Property damage

Pests also damage property to a great extent. Pests can not only damage furniture, carpets, clothes, books, etc. but also chew electrical wires causing short circuits which can lead to fire hazards and pose a much greater threat to lives and assets.

Keeping in mind the extent to which pests can cause harmful effects on human life and property, it is of vital importance to keep these pests in check and take immediate action to remove them for good. If you are looking for affordable pest control in Epping, then feel free to call us right away for a quote and clean your house and property from these irritating and dangerous enemies.

How to spot a pest infestation

It is important to keep pests under check for a healthy and peaceful life. Here are some of the simple ways which can help you become more observant and immediately spot a pest infestation so that you may take timely action and eliminate these creatures from the premises

  • Keep a look out for moving pests If you start spotting pests moving around in the house or lurking around in the dark and hidden corners of the house, it may be a sign that there is a pest infestation in a nearby area.
  • Notice strange odours and smells Pests often create a smelly environment with their excreta, dropping, or dead carcasses. If you notice any strange smell at your property, it is time to call for pest inspection.
  • Nests and breeding areas In case you come across strange constructions in the house such as spider webs, nests, etc., mostly in the dark and hidden areas of the house, it is a sign that pests have invaded your space and are gradually building their colonies in that area.
  • Odd sounds If you hear scurrying sounds in the roof, attic, wardrobes, wall

What to do if you suspect a pest infestation at your house or workplace

It is most common for people to adopt DIY methods for clearing pests from your property as it may seem much more cost effective and cheaper. However, it must be kept in mind that while the do-it-yourself method has a few benefits, the disadvantages are far greater than the advantages. Here are some of the most important factors that must be kept in mind before you decide to tackle the pest problem on your own.

  • Safety issues: one of the most important aspects to be kept in mind before embarking on the DIY route for pest control is that most of the chemicals used for pest control are poisonous and dangerous in nature which may lead to a number of health hazards when not used with proper knowledge and guidelines.
  • Less effective: as you do not have any knowledge in the identification of pests or any trained experience in pest removal, you might not be able to correctly identify the pests species and there are chances that you use the wrong products for the wrong pests which might not be as effective as the services of trained professional Epping Pest Control Experts.
  • Increase costs: while it may appear to be cheaper than hiring professional pest control services in Epping, chances are that without proper experience and training, you might worsen the situation and incur greater costs if the pests return again and again.
  • Worsen the situation: since you are not trained in pest control, there are chances that you may make mistakes and instead of removing the pests, you can make matters worse by spreading the infestation.
  • Short term solutions: it must be noted that DIY methods are often short term and temporary. As you may be using products directly in the infested area and not solving the problem from its roots, there are chances of recurring pest infestations in the future.
  • Hence, keeping in mind the above points, it is much advisable to hire pest control experts in Epping for effective and long term pest removal. To find the best pest control services near you, SES Pest Control is one of the most advanced Pest Control in Epping which is trusted for their timely, efficient and high quality service delivery.

Services offered by SES Pest Control Sydney in Epping

Some of our pest control services in Epping are

Same-day pest control

Residential pest control service

Emergency pest control

Commercial pest management service

Residential pest control

General Pest control services

Commercial pest control

End of lease pest inspection, control and treatment

Eco-friendly pest control

Pre-purchase pest management services

Affordable pest control

Domestic pest inspection and control service

Dead Pest Removal

Same day and emergency pest control service

Why choose SES Pest Control Sydney in Epping

SES Pest Control Sydney Company has been serving over 5000+ customers for more than twenty three years, and has always been considered as the best pest control company in Epping. Some of the most important reasons to consider our pest control services in Epping are –

  • We offer our services 24/7.
  • We take a comprehensive and holistic approach which starts with inspection, identification, removal and follow-up.
  • We provide budget friendly and tailor designed pest control services in Epping.
  • Our Epping pest control experts are highly trained, experienced, skilled and certified to tackle all kinds of pest situations.
  • We are a licensed and government certified company.
  • We use highly safe, verified, low toxic and eco friendly products and chemicals.
  • We use the most advanced and up to date technology for all kinds and scale of pest infestations.
  • We provide same day and emergency services with skilled professionals and experts trained for rapid response.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are your treatments safe for my family and pets?
Yes. SES Pest Control Sydney has been trusted by customers for more than 23 years for being completely safe and effective. We use verified, low toxic and eco friendly products that guarantee the safety of your family and pets.

Q2. What does the term IPM stand for?

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management which is the practice of holistic pest management through improved sanitation, exclusion, habitat manipulation, cultural controls, and targeted pest control methods.

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