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Noticing possums on the roof of your building? Need a quick possum pest removal service? Call us. We at SES Pest Control Sydney offer quality and affordable possum removal service. Our latest and safe techniques will help you get rid of these creatures effectively. Besides, our local team of Possum Removal Sydney works 24*7 to serve you. We are available on the same day of booking. So, to get a free quote and to book our exceptional service, call us today on 0256042693.

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Tips To Keep Possums Away From Your Property

  • Block the entrance or close the holes through which possums can enter your property.
  • Make sure you are covering or keeping away the pet food at night.
  • There should be a tight lid to your garbage cans.
  • To keep the possums away from your yard, you can clean the fruit trees which have fallen, cut the shrubs, and clear the debris. All in all, make the yard less appealing.
  • You can also put fences around your garden to not let them in.

We are offering top-notch possum removal services in Sydney

Possums are native animals found in Sydney. But, they still come under the category of pests. Possums infest houses or workplaces very frequently. Hence, this will affect the peace and sleep of people living on the property. Likewise, they can affect the health of the occupants. Therefore, if you are suspecting possums living on your property. It’s time to seek a professional possum removal Sydney service.

SES Pest Control Sydney is one of the experienced possum removal companies in Sydney. Moreover, we provide the best possum removal services in the area of Sydney. Whether it is a dead possum removal or catching live possums from the property. Our experienced possum catchers team will do it all. Importantly, great care must be taken while dealing with possums. Hence, our team will transfer them safely to a possum habitable area. Call us today on 0256042693 for instant possum removal services.

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You can enjoy affordable residential and commercial possum removal services near you in Sydney

Looking for residential possum removal services in Sydney? Or commercial possum removal services near you? Our expert possum catchers are the right choice. Possums tend to defend themselves. Therefore, it is suggested to hire a professional for it. Also, possums use their sharp teeth while defending. This might hurt someone unexpectedly. But, professionals have the right trapping techniques. Therefore, contact us if you are facing issues related to possum pests.

Importance of removing dead possums on time at your premises

  • Firstly, possums have an extensive impact on the property. And also on the health of the citizens in Sydney. Therefore, always contact a professional immediately.
  • Secondly, possum droppings have bacteria and contaminants. For example, flesh-eating ulcers. Likewise, they can cause permanent functional disabilities.
  • They can cause serious health issues. This can be dangerous for the people living on the property. Possums carry diseases like – tuberculosis, spotted fever, tularemia, coccidiosis, leptospirosis and others.
  • Possums usually nest on roofs and attics. Hence, they might damage the roof tiles of your property. And can cause expensive costs of repair.
  • Sometimes possums tend to tear up the ductwork and insulation systems.
  • They will decrease the hygiene conditions of your home or workplace. As possums eat whatever food comes across them.
  • Importantly, possums have a pungent odour. This can create a big problem.
  • Possums also carry fleas and tricks with them. Hence, if you have pets and kids at your home. It’s time to take some precautions.
  • Lastly, some possums are very aggressive in nature. And can harm the occupants of the property.

The end to end possum removal process we apply in Sydney

  • Inspection – The possum control Sydney team are expert possum catchers. Our first job is to locate the possums on your property. And identify the extent of the infestation. We also look for the damages they may have caused. Importantly, we identify the type of possums living on your property. Likewise, also look for any dead possums. For example, brushtail possums and ringtail possums.
  • Possum infestation signs – Here are some signs of possums to look out for – Firstly, check for disappearing food as possums tend to keep eating. Secondly, look for any possible damages around you.
  • Removal plan – The dead possum removal Sydney team will come up with an appropriate plan. Firstly, we remove the dead possums safely and disinfect the area as well. Therefore, our research and support team will discuss all the plan details with you. Our team uses cage traps for trapping the possums and will also remove possums from the roof.
  • Follow-up advice – After getting rid of all the possums from the property, we make sure to re-check the whole area. And place some prevention tactics in the long term.

Why choosing our possum control and removal services is the best choice?

  • Our company has a reliable possum catcher and possum trapper team.
  • We provide same-day possum removal services in Sydney. As we understand possums are an emergency situation.
  • Moreover, we have competitive prices and upfront quotes to save your time.
  • Our possum experts are friendly with our clients. We make them feel safe during the whole procedure. Likewise, provide all necessary information related to the plans.
  • Importantly, we have licensed possum catchers.
  • Our customer service is available all round the clock in Sydney. Hence, if you need any expert advice on possums. We are open to clear all your queries patiently.

Need an emergency possum removal near you? Call us for timely services

Looking for an emergency possum removal Sydney team near you? You have landed at the right place. Our team also works in nearby locations such as OatleyPenrithTascottWyongahCentral Colo. and more locations. Our company offers same-day possum removal services. As well as emergency possum control services. Hence, we are one call away. Book your appointment with us today. We have the most affordable possum removal Sydney costs here in Sydney.

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